The second time


     According to Hans Friederich who is Doctor of geology and Head of Representative office of IUCN in Ha Noi, Ha Long’s geology is exceptional and unique. Thus, Ha Long Bay deserves to be recognized as a World Natural Heritage Site. At the request of Ha Long Bay Management Department and IUCN, in September 1998, Prof. Tony Waltham
     At the request of Ha Long Bay Management Department and IUCN, in September 1998, Prof. Tony Waltham, the top expert on Geology of Trent University, Nottingham, UK conducted a survey of the limestone karst of Ha Long Bay.

                       Receiving certificated of recognition for the second time

     After receiving Prof. Tony Waltham’s report on geological value of Ha Long Bay, World Heritage Committee in Paris requested Quang Ninh Provincial Committee, Vietnam’s National Commission for UNESCO, and Ha Long Bay Management Department to prepare a file to submit UNESCO for the inscription of the outstanding values of  Ha Long Bay’s geology and geomorphology. In July 1999, the file for Ha Long Bay’s second nomination was completed and sent to the World Heritage Center’s Office in Paris. In December 1999, UNESCO officially reviewed the file and considered to adopt the file in 2000.
     In March 2000, Prof. Ellery Hamilton Smith, a famous Australian geology expert, a member of IUCN was delegated to come to Ha Long to review the validity of the file and its geological value and to evaluate the management state and provide recommendations.
     After considering Ellery Hamilton Smith’s report in July 2000, at its mid-year meeting, the World Heritage Center, Paris, officially recommend the World Heritage Committee to recognize Ha Long Bay as a World Natural Heritage Site for its universal outstanding values of geology and geomorphology under the criteria i of the Convention.
     On the 2nd December, 2000, at the 24th session of the World Heritage Committee held in Cairns, Queensland, Australia, the World Heritage Committee unanimously adopted the inscription of Ha Long Bay for the second time under criteria (i) of the International Convention concerning the Protection of the World cultural and natural heritage.