* Activities in one trip

- Study values and potentials of Ha Long Bay.

- Study impacts of socioeconomic development activities on Ha Long Bay environment and the conservation of Ha Long Bay values, landscape and environment.

- Visit, explore values of landscape, geology and geomorphology, biodiversity, culture and history of  Ha Long Bay.

- Study fishermen’s life in Ha Long Bay (visit Cua Van Floating Culture Centre and enjoy “Giao duyen” singing).

- Participate in activities of environmental protection (plant trees, mangrove, collect waste, etc…); activities of community help (present books, notebooks, school supplies, decorate the library, clean the school, and plant trees).

- Participate in environmental games, and active games.

* Activities of community awareness improvement:

Besides holding Ecoboat trips, the program implemented a lot of activities of community awareness improvement to protect environment:

- Exhibit activities of environmental education.

- Organize the contest of awareness improvement to protect Ha Long Bay environment with the topic “I love Ha Long Bay” and “Civilized, beautiful and clean floating villages in Ha Long Bay” for students, youth, teenagers and fishermen of 3 big floating villages in Ha Long Bay, namely: Cong Dam, Vong Vieng, Cua Van.

- Train freelances, communication staffs from Cat Ba National Park and Bai Tu Long Bay, fishermen in Ha Long Bay in order to improve awareness and enlarge the network of propaganda, education of environmental to many subjects.

- Print and distribute leaflets, fliers of environmental protection to tourists.