Conservation Centers


Function and tasks:

- Organizing services to serve for socio- economic activities in managed site.

- Introducing, educating for community about environmental protection and heritage’s values.

- Ensuring security at visiting sites. Implementing rescuing at site.

- Be chair and coordinate with Division of Inspection and penalizing violation to check and punish violation actions to regulation of managing Ha Long Bay and other related regulation in managed site.

- Coordinating to manage socio- economic activities in managed site.

- Managing equipments; Coordinating with division of project management to supervise the construction of infrastructure and equipments within managed site.

- Collecting and distributing rubbish; protecting environment at managed site; coordinating with divisions of the Department to implement the management plan and environmental protection.

- Managing, supervising visiting activities; Introducing for visitors; selling supplemental ticket and checking excursion ticket according to regulation.

- Managing, conserving natural resources at managed sites. Proposing solutions to improve the management, conservation and promotion of heritage’s values.