Currently, there are 525 tour boats in Ha Long Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay.

Tour boat rental in Ha Long Bay (Boat price excludes excursion fee to Ha Long Bay and other services)

Tourists to Ha Long Bay has to meet two requirements:

+ Rent tour boats: rent the whole boat or share the boat with others, rent boats at ticket counters, Tuan Chau International Marina (tour boats and rental service of enterprises)

+ Buy excursion ticket “Excursion fee to Ha Long Bay”

Following is the Transportation and Accommodation services for tourists in Ha Long Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay (According to Notice no.773/TB-STC dated March 23,2015 by Quang Ninh Department of Finance). Applicable from April 01, 2015.

1. Transportation fee for tourists in the bay

a) The whole boat tickets

- The standard boat: 250.000VND/hour/boat - 300.000VND/hour/boat

- The 2nd class boat: 300.000VND/hour/boat – 400.000VND/hour/boat

- The 1st class boat: 300.000VND/hour/boat – 600.000VND/hour/boat

On rush days: Saturday, Sunday, holidays, in tourist season (summer..), the prices will not be 30% higher than these prices and have to be published on the boat and other mass media of the marina.

b) The sharing boat tickets (including VAT and being applied for all boats)

- Route 1 ticket: (the Marina – Van Canh park): 100.000VND/person

- Route 2 ticket: (the Marina – Caves park): 150.000VND/person

- Route 3 ticket: (the Marina – Marine Culture Conservation Center): 300.000 VND/person

- Route 4 ticket: (the Marina – Marine Recreation Center): 300.000 VND/person

- Route 5 ticket: (the Marina – Gia Luan Harbor): 300.000 VND/person

On rush days: Saturday, Sunday, holidays, in tourist season (summer..), the prices will stay the same, not increase.

2. Accommodation fee on boats for tourists in the bay

a. Accommodation fee (including transportation + accommodation + dining fee)

- The 1st class boat: 700.000VND – 2.000.000VND/24 hours/person

- The 2nd class boat: 1.500.000VND – 5.000.000VND/24 hours/person

(According to the actual situation, the price can be charged higher)

b) Accommodation fee (applicable to the whole accommodation boat rental) per trip, equals to 90% the number of rooms on the boat multiplied by the minimum fee for 01 person (01 room for 02 persons)

* Note:

- Tourists need the boat rental contract or buy the “Sharing boat ticket” before buying the excursion ticket (Ha Long Bay excursion fee)

- Tourists need to know the information announced on radio systems or instruction banners at the marina and should access to ticket counters at the marina and the information center of Ha Long Bay Management Department to be instructed about boat rental and things-to-know before visiting.

- Tourists shouldn’t conduct any transaction with “brokers” in order to ensure your rights and safety.

- In case of any price difference compared to the price list, tourists need to reflect immediately to Marina Management Board, Ha Long Bay Management Department and other competent authorities to consider and handle.