Route 3: Tuan Chau International Marina – Center for Sea Culture Conservation

-Visiting duration: 06 - 08 hours (travel by boat).
- Destinations of the routeCua Van Floating Cultural Center, Bamboo wood, Tien Ong cave, Du Lagoon, Ho Ba Ham, Ba Men temple.
- Itinerary:departing from Tuan Chau International Marina, the boat will take you to Hang Traiislandto visitCua Van Floating Cultural Center– the place of storing and displaying special cultural artifacts of fishermen living in Ha Long bay; continuing the trip, you will visit Bamboo wood, Tien Ong cave, Du Lagoon, Ho Ba Ham – destinations with special landscape in Ha Long bay. The last destination of the trip will be Ba Men temple, which brings spiritual meaning of Ha Long fishermen.
Cua Van Floating Cultural Center is located in Tung Sau area of Hang Trai island. This is the place to display lively images, artifacts; introduce about material and spiritual lives and unique cultural value of Ha Long fishermen. Visiting Cua Van Floating Cultural Center, you will have chances to enjoy “giao duyen” singing, chanteys and traditional weddingsof fishermen’s community, study some traditional crafts such as: making nets, đánh câu; and visit aquaculture areas...  At Cua Van Floating Cultural Center, you will be able to go kayaking or row traditional bamboo boatsto visit the old fishing village. Cau Vang temple is the place of spiritual worship of local fishermen. The picturesque landscape mingles with the traditional culture of fishermen will bring you special and unforgettable experiences.


                                                      Cua Van Floating Cultural Center

Vịnh Hạ Long                      

                                                       Giao duyen singing in Ha Long bay

Image result for bè nuôi trồng thuỷ sản                       Image result for bè nuôi trồng thuỷ sản

                                                             Floating houses in Cua Van
Bamboo wood is a valley with the dominant development of the bamboo population creating a romantic forest. Interwoven bamboo trees create cool archways. With an open space, Bamboo wood is also the ideal habitat for golden monkeys. Currently,Bamboo woodis not closed for tourists. In the future,the complex of Cua Van Floating Cultural Center andBamboo wood will be an attractive ecotourism destination inHa Long bay.

Tien Ong cave is a valuable archeological relic inHa Long bay. Through detected artifacts, scientists approved that Tien Ong cave was home to Ha Long prehistoric people of Soi Nhu culture, under the period of Hoa Binh culture. You will see remnants of Viet prehistoric people in the cave such as: shells of freshwater snails and mountain snailsor rudimentary tools made of stones, bones through displayed artifacts and remnants at excavation holes. With an open space and unspoiled landscape, Tien Ong cave is also chosen to be included in the overnight tour in Ha Long bay with activities of watching sunrise and sunset on the deck, enjoy fresh seafood from the sea. It is so interesting when you can admire the majestic beauty of Ha Long bay which was selected as the background of the movie “Kong-Skull Island”.


                                                                          Tien Ong cave
Du Lagoon is one of unique terrain types in Ha Long bay. It is a large lake with the area of nearly2 ha surrounded by limestone mountains. This type of ecosystem is separated from other waters in Ha Long bay so it can preserve the integrity of biodiversity value. With tranquil and peaceful landscape,Du Lagoon is not only the habitat of some valuable plants and animals in Ha Long bay but also the highlight to create the unique and unique beauty inHa Long bay. This area is being invested and embellished and expected to be an attractive destination in the future.
Ho Ba Ham has known by domestic and international tourists since 1930s. Ho Ba Ham is outstanding in a large and peaceful space with the unique structure ofsea lakesconnected with each other by marine notch cavesthough the foot of the limestone island with steep vertical cliffs. Nature skillfully carved crescent-shaped entrances, opened at the foot of the islandthrough a long, meandering and winding tunnel, interwoven with clusters of stalactites in strange shapes and dripping water. When the tide is high, these caves are submerged and thus create a wall separating the inner lake from the outside world, which makes them more mysterious and charming. Ho Ba Ham has high biodiversity value with a number of precious animals such as starfish, fish,blue mussels,hawksbill sea turtles, squids, corals... To admire the beauty of the inner lake, you have to travel by bamboo boat when the tide is low.



Ho Ba Ham

Ba Men temple is a spiritual place of Ha Long fishermen. Ba Men templeis situated on a large sandy beach along the foot of Cật Bàisland, adjacent between Ha Long and Cát Bà island (Hai Phong). The temple is associated with the mysterious tale of a goddess who always blesses fishermen. According to Ha Long fishermen, this is a very sacred temple.Before sailing, local fishermen usually come to the temple and pray for luck, safety and high productivity. The festival of Ba Men templeis annually held on January 19, 20 of the lunar calendar. This is the occasion for fishermen of Ha Long, Cat Ba to gather and pray for a new year of peace and safety. If you visit Ha Long bay at this occasion, you will be immersed into the festival atmosphere of local fishermen.
Leaving Ba Men temple,the boat will take you back to the mainland and finish our itinerary of route 3 in Ha Long bay.

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Ba Men templefestival

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