- Duration: about 6 - 8 hours (travel by coachor electric car).
- Destinations of the route: Bai Chay bridge, Bai Chay Tourist Area, Ocean Park, Marine Plaza Commercial Center, My Ngoc Center (Ngoc Trai Pearl JSC), Tuan Chau International Tourist Area.
- Itinerary: Bai Chay bridge - Bai Chay Tourist Area - Ocean Park - Marine Plaza Commercial Center - My Ngoc Center (Ngoc Trai Pearl JSC) - Tuan Chau International Tourist Area.
This route combines shopping, leisure and entertainment with world-class services.
Bai Chay bridge: started to be built in 2003,inauguratedand put into operation in 2006. Bai Chay bridgewas the first central-line cable-stayed bridge in Vietnam. Especially, with the main span of 435 meters, it was the world’s longest central-line span of cable-stayed bridge then. The bridge has the length of 1.106m with 4 lanes of motor vehicles and 2 lanes of rudimentary,the clearance below of 50m, ensuring vessels of 500.000 tons of convenient travel and resistant to level-7 earthquakes. Especially, the bridge is equipped with the modern lighting system of 8.888 colorful light bulbs. This system is programmed with different scenarios to make Bai Chay bridge more fanciful at night. Not only significant in term of traffic, with slenderandmodern design, Bai Chay bridge also brings a new and romantic architecture, embellishing the beauty of Ha Long bay.


 Bai Chay Tourist Area: is the tourist and service center of Ha Long city in particular and Quang Ninh province in general. It is planned with a world-class system of hotels, restaurants and amusement parks, satisfying diverse needs of tourists. The highlight of Bai Chay Tourist Area is the 5-star Vinpearl HaLongresort, HaLongOceanPark...Coming to Bai Chay Tourist Area, you will not only satisfy your shopping hobby, enjoy Ha Long cuisine,watch water puppet shows but alsobe immersed into pure water of Bai Chay beach with modern facilities to find the pleasant and refreshing feeling on the shore of a beautiful Ha Long bay.


Ha Long Ocean Park: is an Asia-class complex of tourist and entertainment with unique theme parks built in Bai Chay ward and Hong Gai ward. With the total investment of 6.000 billion dong, Ha Long Ocean Park project consists of 2 main complexes:a coastal entertainment complex and a entertainment complex on Ba Deo mountain – which connect with each other through a cable car system crossing the sea. The entertainment complex on Ba Deo mountainincludes: Sun Wheel, Queen Cable Car, Zen Garden, Mystic Mountain Fun Park. This is the complex of interesting destinationsand amazing entertainment activities, bringing tourists a new perspective of Ha Long from high above. The coastal entertainment complex includes: Sun worldHa Long beach, Dragon Park, Typhoon Water Park. This complex is suitable for those who love adventure and want to experience thrills.

Marine Plaza Commercial Center: is a must destination when you visit Ha Long bay. Some unique items of this complex were invested and developed as: the indoor recreation area - Tini World (an entertainment model in combination with children education and entertainment); CGV cinema(the system of big cinemas, modern equipment); the night market (over 300 booths to serve diverse needs of tourists). In addition, there is also the system of 3D painting museum, the system of fast food restaurants....

My Ngoc Center: is a branch of Ngoc Trai Pearl JSC, located on the Highway 18A, Ha Khau ward, Ha Long city. Now, Ngoc Trai Pearl JSC is implementing the project of pearl farming in Ha Long bay in a consistent and efficient way, not only creating high-quality products meeting tourists’ diverse needs but also diversifying tourist products in Ha Long bay. Coming here, you can experience stages of pearl farmingand choose a souvenir made of Ha Long pearls. This will be a very interesting experience for tourists when coming to Ha Long.

Tuan Chau International Tourist Area: is connected with the mainland by a 2km-long concrete road.Items here are built on rolling hills with the area of about 220 ha. Long time ago, Tuan Chau was known as a potential place to develop pleasure tourism. Therefore, besides available advantages bestowed by the nature, today, Tuan Chau island is also invested in to become a world-class amusement park. Coming here, you can stay in modern and luxurious hotels; enjoy Ha Long cuisine; watch performances of dolphins, sea lions, water shows...Especially, the largest artificial port in Vietnam was invested to build here, becoming the “gateway” for the itinerary of the world heritage site and natural wonder Ha Long bay.


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