Route 1: Tuan Chau International Marina – Center for Scenic Park Conservation

- Visiting duration:04 hours (travel by boat).
- Destinations of the route:Thien Cung grotto, Dau Go cave, Cho Da islet, Ba Hang cave, Dinh Huong islet, Trong Mai islet (Ga Choi islet).
- Itinerary:departing from Tuan Chau International Marina, the boat will take you to Dau Go island to visit 02 famous beautiful caves in Ha Long bay: Thien Cung grotto và Dau Go cave. Finishing the trip on Dau Go island, the boat will take you to some special destinations in Ha Long bay: Cho Da islet, Ba Hang cave, Dinh Huong islet, Trong Mai islet (Ga Choi islet).
Visitingroute 1, you will be surprised by the magnificent beauty of Thien Cung grotto – one of the most beautiful caves in Ha Long bay. It is located onDau Go island, the westernmost point of the World Heritage Site and Natural Wonder. It is about 20m high above the sea level with the ground area of about 3.000m2.With the system of splendid and bright stalactites and stalagmites as carved from crystals, visiting the cave, you will feel like being lost in a splendid palace so that it was named “Thien Cung”(the heavenly palace).
Dau Go cave has ancient beauty. It is one of the earliest detected caves inHa Long bay. For a long time, Dau Go cave has become a famous destination of HaLong. It was honored to welcomePresident Ho Chi Minh.
Ba Hang cave includes 3 small notch caves close to each other andconnecting with 2 saltwater lakes outside, therefore, it was called “Ba Hang”. The highlight that the Creator added to this landscape is the evergreen vegetation on limestone islands, vertical cliffs or large valleys formed by and covered with rich layers of tropical forest vegetation. The space here is peaceful, quiet and poetic.
In this trip, you will also watch special islets in Ha Long bay: Cho Da islet, Dinh Huong isletand especiallyTrong Mai islet (Ga Choi islet) which has been selected as the symbol of Ha Long tourism.

Tuan Chau island                                                                       Thien Cung grotto


Dau Go cave                                                                                     Ba Hang Cave

                                                    Các tháp dạng Fengling Fengling towers
Cho Da islet                                                                              Dinh Huong islet



                                                                                     Trong Mai islet


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